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Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza Cerro Azul 'Napoleon' Geisha Natural Anaerobic

Cup Profile

Fragrance and aroma: Tropical fruits, pineapple, peach, lemongrass, notes of rum, and plums.
Taste and aftertaste: Sweet, brown sugar, rum, red fruits, jasmine, silky body, and prolonged residual to chocolate with liquor.





Rigorous cherry picking, it has 7 days of fermentation in anaerobic form. Coffee cherries are collected at the indicated maturation stage, known as “grape type”.


After fermentation, the coffee is dried in silo to dehydrate the cherries for about 24 hours at an average temperature of 37°C. Later the cherries are move to a parabolic sun dryer for about 20 days. Coffee is left in a temperature control warehouse in a temperature between 18°C – 19°C.



Country: Colombia

Department: Valle del Cauca

Municipality: Caicedonia

Total Crop Area : 10 ha

Rainfall : 1.340mm/year

Farm : Las Margaritas

Process : Natural Anaerobic

Altitude : 1.570-1.850 masl

Humidity : 73%

Temperature :



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