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Fragrance and aroma: Floral, mango, brown sugar, orange blossom, tangerine, vanilla, and cocoa. Taste and aftertaste: Kiwi, mint, panela, cloves, green grapes, apple, cocoa, vanilla, silky body, and malic acidity

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Sidra is a new hybrid varietal, made of Red Bourbon and Typica and combines characteristics of these two varieties. It has acquired the sweetness and the body of Red Bourbon and the bright taste and acidity of Typica.


Sidra Honey

Fram: Potosi


22 °C Max. - 17 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1400-2000masl
Rainfall:  1340mm/year
Humidity: 73%
Total crop area: 52ha


Direct Trade From

Cafe Granja La esperanza

They combination of curiosity, scientific rationality and obsession with coffee quality has allowed us to create unique protocols of milling for our coffees, tailored to eight distinct microclimates, which are located in three different mountain ranges in Colombia.

1kg @ $72.8USD/kg

Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza Seasonal Coffee Sidra Honey 

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