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India Craigmore Kattimuttu
Robusta Honey

The estate has been with the family for many generations with the third generation managing it at present. The name CRAIGMORE is a spillover from when the British planters sold the property to our family The name KATTIMUTTU in local parlance means Bison. The family still see Bison dropping by right up to the doorstep on occasion. At present they grow Arabica, Robusta, Pepper, Avocados and Arecanut. Future plans include adding a mix of Moringa, Pomelo and Grapefruit. Since 2017 Farokh has assiduously looked to focus on improving soil fertility and soil health thereby improving local ecology. To that extent, they have planted 700++ native tree species indigenous to the area.

They also have started keeping a herd of local cattle indigenous to the area ( Malnad Gidda) with a view to making their own in-house Vermicompost as well as enhancing Organic compost and Biofertilizers added to the mix with a view to enhancing flora and fauna biodiversity. This remains their focus. On the welfare side, the estate now has 23 full-time staff and a Supervisor living on the estate with a consultant visiting the estate, once every week. The confidence in what they do stems from the fact that they are clear that they are mere guardians of the land given in the care, to nurture and enhance it to the best of their abilities to pass on to future generations.

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Old Peredinia

Old Robusta, as Peredinia is synonymously known, was introduced to India from the island of Ceylon in the early 19th century. The timing for growth of the varietal was perfect. With coffee being ripped up in Ceylon following the emergence of Hemileia vastatrix and the British further colonializing India in the coffee growing areas, robusta became the solution that didn’t involve growing tea, and Robusta from Ceylon took on a nomenclature already seen in Arabica, with a varietal being named after the place it was from.


Craigmore Kattimutt

Country: India
Region: Coorg, Karnataka
Processing Station: Own processing station

Process: Sun-dried honey

Varietal: CxR & Old Peradeniya
Altitude: 1043 m.a.s.l

Flavours: Mild spices, dark chocolate, sweet dates
Price: From £9.49 / kg
Sourcing Partner: The South Indian Coffee Company


The South India Coffee Company

The South India Coffee Company was started in 2017 by husband and wife duo Akshay Dashrath and Komal Sable. We are 5th generation coffee planters from Coorg, one of the oldest coffee growing regions in India. Having spent a significant amount of time in the UK for the last 10 years, we realised that Indian Coffees are underrated and under-represented.

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