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Panama Long Board Windy Ridge Old-Growth Typica Natural 2022 Vintage

Windy Ridge is mature and refined, wise yet exotic.  The green tip geisha has rooted deeply, accessing rich volcanic minerals beneath the soil.  At 1600 meters with a westerly slope directly facing the Baru Volcano in the center of the prized Alto Jaramillo region of Boquete, the farm is bathed in afternoon sunshine injecting uncommon sweetness, exotic tropical flavors and intense jasmine florals into the cherry.

Longboard Geishas are consistently among the top coffees in the prestigious Best of Panama competition, qualifying year after year for a coveted place in the auction. In 2018, after receiving 6 th and 9 th place in the Geisha Natural category, the coffees went on to receive $101 and $216 per pound- the third highest price of the entire Auction and second highest producer.




First pulped and then fermented in sealed plastic barrels with the addition of mossto for 81 hours. The coffee is then taken to dry for 30 days in raised beds under the sun and mixed shade.



It can have a sweet and clean cup. Typica’s cup profile is “one of elegance, flowers and fruits, and complex flavours.”

Despite its high cup quality, Typica is also well-known for being both highly susceptible to pests and diseases, as well as having reasonably low yields. This can be a problem for many farmers who need to reduce risk when producing coffee.


They are here as your Canadian source for unique, transparent and thoughtful green coffee offerings. They are looking to connect, build and grow the Canadian Specialty Coffee Sector by bringing in a dynamic range of coffees, backed by producers they believe in and are committed to moving forward with.​

1kg @ $245USD/kg

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