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Fazenda UM Wush Wush Natural

Black Tea |  Dark Honey | Chocolate | Berries

Farm : Fazenda UM
Country : Brazil
Region : Minas Gerais
Altitude : 1100-1300m
Variety : Wush Wush
Process : Natural

Fazenda UmThe Um Family are non-traditional coffee producers who became passionate about the production and process of coffee. With two farms located in completely different geographic regions of Brazil, they're producing some incredible coffees.Stefano Um began the project as a retirement plan, not realizing that himself and his two sons, Boram and Garam, would become completely involved in the world of specialty coffee. They understand all perspectives of the supply chain, not only operating their two farms; they have a roasting operation and cafe locations in São Paulo, Brazil.

The first farm is located in Mantiqueira de Minas Gerais, Sul de Minas, and is a sizeable 325 hectares. We have one lot available this season from this farm, the Natural Yellow Bourbon. The second farm, is based in a unique mountainous region or Espírito Santo, Caparaó, and showcases a whole new set of potential flavours coming from Brazil.

Fazenda UM Wush Wush Natural

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