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Thailand Mae Suai District
Sirinya Coffee Honey Ripasso

Sirinya Coffee is family-run specialty coffee farm, roastery, and coffee shop based in the mountains of Chiang Rai province, led by Oil and Goh Chaosuwanwilai. Sirinya is born out of a commitment to the communities of Doi Chang, as well as stewardship of the land and constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of coffee. Opium was grown here for over 100 years, before government / NGO initiatives encouraged them to grow coffee instead. Poppy cultivation here dropped so significantly from the mid 1980s to the extent that Thailand is seen as a successful model for alternative development.

Whilst these farmers have been successfully growing coffee for over 40 years, Goh and Oil share their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of specialty coffee production, starting right from the beginning with the quality of the soil and organic farming methods through to the final processing. For the coffee farmers they work with, introducing these additional steps can elevate their very good coffee to specialty grade, and with it, commanding much higher prices and access to new markets.

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Old Peredinia

Old Robusta, as Peredinia is synonymously known, was introduced to India from the island of Ceylon in the early 19th century. The timing for growth of the varietal was perfect. With coffee being ripped up in Ceylon following the emergence of Hemileia vastatrix and the British further colonializing India in the coffee growing areas, robusta became the solution that didn’t involve growing tea, and Robusta from Ceylon took on a nomenclature already seen in Arabica, with a varietal being named after the place it was from.


Craigmore Kattimutt

Country: Thailand
Region: Mae Suai District
Processing Station: Sirinya Coffee

Process: Honey Ripasso
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra Catimor
Altitude: 1450 masl

Flavours: Asian pear, Elderflower cordial, Pomegranate juice
Price: From £16.44/kg




Back in 2015, having moved to Bangkok for work, we were fortunate enough to enjoy delicious specialty coffees from the surrounding region. The quality of the coffee, coupled with the skill and dedication of the growing communities, made a lasting impression. On our return to London, we couldn’t find these origins being offered anywhere – this spurred us into creating Indochina.

We’re now an established, independent importer dedicated exclusively to Asian origins. Since our inception, we’ve built solid relationships with farmers, producers and roasters, and we’re working together towards a more transparent and sustainable future for coffee.

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