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La Palma Y El Tucan Hero Series Geisha Bio-Innovation Natural

From Colombia, La Palma Y El Tucan. Emitting an elegant aura,  with flavors reminiscent of a harmonious blend of floral tea and fruits.

Rosella | Rose | Strawberry Jam | Raspberry | Mango

Farm : La Palma Y El Tucan
Country : Colombie
Region : Cundinamarca
Altitude : 1740m
Variety : Geisha
Process : Bio-Innovation Natural

About the Process:

Exploring the untouched microbiallife of our farm to begin tounderstand what it consists of in itsnatural environment.

(Samples from our fermentations were taken tothe laboratory and observed in agar plates inorder to find out which microorganisms wouldwork best for our purpose.)

Observing and characterizing themacroscopic conditions of themicroorganisms to answer questions such as:·

(Which microorganisms are present in the sample?· What are their characteristics, such as color, size, and type?· Which ones work for our purpose?)

Selecting our microorganisms with thepurpose of representing the best of ourterroir in our coee fermentations.

(By using Gram’s method to define the sample contents, wewere able to isolate the Gram-positive bacteria and variousstrains of yeast that produced the ideal combination of lacticand organic acids for enhancing cup profile.)

Choosing the right diet for eachmicroorganism is a crucial aspect in theproduction of the ideal combination ofacids and ethanol.

(From our observations, we were able to compose asuitable diet made from accessible materials (sugars,yeast extracts, etc). We isolate individualmicroorganisms with their preferred diets in a labshaker, where it is agitated continuously in a controlledenvironment, essentially fermenting on its own.)



Introducing the inoculations back to their original environment and observing them.
(Once we find that the inoculations perform well together in the fermentation, we know we have created a microbial mosaic that best represents our terroir. We can then scale and replicate these fermentations on the farm with the consistency of the lab.)

La Palma Y El Tucan Hero Series Geisha Bio-Innovation Natural

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