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We love the exotic, the experimental, and the memorable gourmet coffee worthy of the competition.But these coffees are always rarer and more expensive.

But we don't want you to miss out on these amazing beans, so we bring those beans to nottingham.

Therefore, we hope to reduce costs through various aspects such as "home roasting", "brewing method", "direct trade from origin", so that you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee at a more acceptable price.

We pay attention to every detail and scientific principlesate

Those reliable machines to make our quality full of traceability and consistency


Stronghold S7pro

Creating a Excellent curve is the only thing we need to do. Completely trust the repetitive roasting work to it, so that we can focus more on our cup quality.


Decent Espresso

Gives us flow control
and pressure curve, provides us with different possibilities to create our coffee, also open our mind of imagination.


Lighttells CM200

Data never lie.

Responsible for our quality,

Provide various data written on the "Brewing Board" that we update every day.

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